“I’m not part of the stars, or the sun, or the sea,
I’m more like that late night re-run you see on t.v,
and I’m not beautiful or wonderful or fair,
I’m that piece of dust in the light that is always there,

and I may not be brilliant or different or new,
and I won’t be the only person to ever say this to you,

but I’m kind and I’m thoughtful and just,
and I may not love me but I’m in love with the idea of us.”
— US, by k.p.k

I will never tell my daughter that she can’t go out because of her outfit.
I will never tell my daughter that she looks like a “two-bit tramp”, or that she is indecent. I will never tell her that she is too beautiful to dress like that, because she’ll only attract the “wrong kind of guys”.
I will never tell my daughter that she is wearing too much makeup.
I will never call her a “raccoon”. I will never tell her that she is too pretty to cover up her face.
I will let her dress herself, and put on as much much makeup as she wants, however she wants.
Fashion isn’t all about attention. Fashion is a form of art, it is a way to express yourself.
Whether it be “Sexy and Confident”, “Classy and Sophisticated”, “Comfortable and Casual”, “Bold and Mysterious”, “Cute and Sassy”- or whatever else it may be- I will tell her that she looks fucking fabulous.
As long as she isn’t afraid or ashamed to express herself, well, I will feel like I did a better job than my mother.
I can’t express how humiliated and self-conscious I get whenever I’m told I look “trashy”, or “slutty”, or “indecent”.
Shit, I don’t even have big boobs or an ass. So obviously I’m not “flaunting it” because I DON’T GOT IT.
I will never never never make my daughter feel ashamed or embarrassed about how she chooses to look.
I will never tell her she is too pretty to look like that, because she will know how pretty she is. And she will know that no matter what she wears, or how thick her eye liner is, or how bright her lipstick is, she is just as pretty without it as she feels with it. She will be confident, and proud. Both of the way she looks, and the way she expresses herself.
And I will never tell her, “you’re going to attract the wrong guys”, because she will be stronger than that. She will know what she deserves, and she will not settle for anything less.
I will treat my daughter the way I wish my mother treated me. (via verst4ce)